Conisborough Notes – June 6th

June 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 6 June 1930

Conisborough Notes

We have had reminders this week that summer is upon us, and there is promise of a fine period for Whitsuntide. A welcome spell of heat has arrived. Another indication the removal of the lighting portions of the street lamps. That extra month at each end of the year when the lamps have been lighted has been much appreciated. The sweet scent which pervades the lanes in the vicinity is the reward for a stroll in the cool of the evening.

Looking around the Council housing estate I found persons living there who had been occupiers of houses in Conanby under the Conisboro Housing Association. When one considers the fact that enquirers are told that there is a very long waiting list, one can hardly consider that such procedure is fair. The letting sub-committee should be taken to task; there should be no “swapping” houses until the houseless ones have been fixed up. Here is ground for a question at the next Council meeting.

Do all motorist, know that they are lawbreakers if they have a car in a garage with petrol in its tank, if there is not an efficient fire extinguisher present? They are liable to be summoned and fined under the Petroleum (Consolidation )Act of 1928, which came into force a few months ago. A car with petrol in its tank is a storage place within the meaning of the Act. Failing the provision of a chemical extinguisher—which every car ought really to carry—a box of sand puts one on the right side of the law.

Council committees should meet on Monday in the ordinary course of events, but offing to the Whitsun holiday they and the Council meeting have been postponed until the 16th and 18th respectively.

A nightingale is singing regularly in our Cliffs. Will would-be listeners be careful not to disturb it