Conisborough Nuisance

October 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times October 12, 1907

A Conisborough Nuisance.

WM. Smith, pony driver, of Conisborough, and Ernest Walters, pony driver, of New Conisborough, were summoned for obstructing the footpath at Conisborough, on 29th September.

P.c. Jenkinson said at 7. 15 on the previous Sunday night he was on the Doncaster Road, and saw two youths, along with several others, standing in the footpath at the top of Edlington Street. He watched them for five minutes, and several people had to leave the footpath owing to defendants obstructing them. When witness went towards the youth they all ran off, but he caught Walters, and subsequently was able to see Smith.

He had previously cautioned them about their conduct.

Fined 5/ –, and 4/ – costs each.