Conisborough Objection.

February 1909

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Monday 08 February 1909

Conisborough Objection.

The objection to the beer-off licence, held Mr. Claud Burt, of Conisborough, was then proceeded with.

Superintendent Hicks said the licence was originally granted in connection with Messrs. Nicholson’s Brewery, at Conisborough. That brewery was now longer in existence. The licence was a very limited one. The Red Lion Hotel was only 75 yards away, and he submitted that this beer-off licence was not required.

Mr. W. M. Gichard appeared for Mr. Burt, who, he said, was the secretary of Messrs. Whitworth, Sons, and Nephew, who some years ago purchased Nicholson’s Brewery. It was quite an oversight that, they had not previously made application for the transfer of that licence to Wath, where, of course, their brewery was situated.

He had given notice of such application to the Rotherham magistrates, and he asked the Bench to adjourn the case until the hearing of the application.

The case was adjourned.