Conisborough Old Folk’s Tea.

October 1929

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 10 May 1929

Conisborough Old Folk’s Tea.

The annual old folk’s tea in the Miners’ Welfare Institute, Denaby, yesterday, was attended by 252 persons over 70 years of age, from the Conisborough urban area, invited by the Old Folk’s Treat Committee.

Mr. H. Hulley, agent for the Denaby, Cadeby, and Maltby Collieries, who was introduced Mr. T. Hill,, vice-president of the Welfare trustees, welcomed the guests, and presided over the subsequent festivities.

Each man was presented with an ounce of tobacco and each woman with 1lb. of tea.

The oldest persons present —Mrs. Jane Brown, aged 85, of Northcliffe Road, Conisborough and Mr. A. Harrop, aged 87, of Low Road, Conisborough—received special prizes; and prizes were also given to Messrs. G. Whitehead, J. Low, and W. Watkinson, who are 84 years of age.