Conisborough Parish Church – Annual Meeting

January 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 25, 1935

Conisborough Parish Church

The annual meeting in connection with the Parish Church was held on Monday, the vicar presiding. The Vicar’s report showed that there were 450 on the communicants role, there are been 147 baptisms, 58 marriages and 65 funerals

There were 528 children in the Sunday school, 114 in the Bible Class and Fellowship, and 171 in the women’s organisations. The Sunday School had 42 teachers

In 1928 there were 3,072 acts of communion and in 1934 5,265, an increase of 33%. Last year the figures jumped from 3925 to 5265. Collections amounted to £213 in 1928 and £201 in 1934

Presenting the financial report, Mr W Pearson said the Church Hall income had been swallowed in expenditure and the magazine had paid its way. The total income was £1,985 and the total balances £334. There were no deficits. The sum of £80 are being invested from the Fabric Fund leaving a balance of £23 and the fund stood at £261

The assistant ministry fund had an income of £305, mainly from grants and contributions. The Mother’s Union fund had a credit balance of £13, Guilds balance was similar, the Sunday School had a had balance of £23 and £120 had been expended from the Sponsors Fund. The Missionary Society at £17 in the bank, the Operatic Society had a credit balance of £28 and the St Andrew’s Mother’s Union had £21 in hand. St Andrews extension fund was £53 in credit in nine months. The income from the Church House Club was £261 and there was a balance of £36. The sick and poor fund had no balance to report

Mr Mason, the auditor, was thanked and re-elected. Mr W Clarkson (churchwarden) thank the church members for their support and propose that a letter of encouragement and sympathy be sent to the churchwarden Dr W.J.McClure who was recuperating in Switzerland

One interesting fact mentioned by the Vicar was that 1000 callers have been received at the vicarage during the year