Conisborough Parish Church Annual Parochial Tea (videos)

January 1889

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 24,1889

Conisborough Parish Church Annual Parochial Tea

On Friday evening last the annual parochial Tea and entertainment in connection with the Parish Church, Conisbrough, took place.

Team was partaken of in Anderson’s room, and although not very well attended, then entertainment which followed in the church Sunday school was well patronised.

The arrangement of the platform is worth mentioning, the whole of it being placed within the recent addition to the east end of the school, and is very convenient.

The Vicar occupied the chair, and amongst those present were Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P., Mr T Nicholson, Mr and Mrs Wardell (Wath), Mr W H and Mrs Chambers, Mrs Wood, Mr Quinlivan, Miss H Baker etc.

Considerable credit is due to Mr Herbert White, the organist, for the efforts he made to make the entertainment a success, and we trust that the recognition that they have met with will induce him in the future to meet though these annual concerts and event to be joyfully anticipated from year to year.

Mr White very sensibly decided not to confine himself purely to local talent, and was fortunate indeed, amongst others of securing the services of Mr Wardell and Mr G.M. Coates of Wath, who kindly consented to take part. Miss Maycock and Mr H Mee cup to Mr Pace and Mr W’s goals were not familiar to Conisbrough audiences, but once having made himself popular and may be trusted to renew their visits.

The Vicar, in his own remarks, contrasted the attendance at the tea with that at the entertainment. He also made a seasonal reference and intimated that he would enlarge upon that topic at a future time in the church. He could not resist the temptation, now they were all together and close upon the termination of the old year, expressed the hope that the New Year might be a happy and peaceful one for all.

He was sure that so far as the concert was concern they would all have a treat.

The funds are crying, would be devoted to a good object, the repair, of the Parish Church organ, so ably presided over by Mr H White. (Hear, hear.) But with a little judicious expenditure the organ, an instrument which even now is a capital one and worth of attention would be made would be made once more perfect, and in the hands of Mr White continued to fill the church with its tuneful melody. (Hear, hear)

The Vicar then said that he had no desire to stand between the audience and entertainment, and introduced the programme.

The first item was a pianoforte duet (Ruy Bias,) by Miss Wardell and Mr G.M. Coates, two very accomplished executants. Their playing was perfect, and the skill with which they conquered the intricacies and difficulties of Mendelssohn was greatly appreciated.

Mr Scholes followed this with a very spirited song “Uncle Jack.”

Pinsuti’s suite “In the gloaming” was undertaken by Miss Susanna Appleyard, and although at first she betrayed signs of nervousness, these wore off, and at the conclusion she was greeted with hearty applause.

After Mr pacey had rendered “Out on the deep” in a cultivated though not powerful pass, a harp solo, “The march of the men of Harlech,” was played by Miss Meacock and in response to the appeal for more she gave “The maid of Llangollan.”

The treat of the evening, however, was Miss Wardell song, “Gentle Shepherds,” which was given without a fault. Miss Wardell splendid command of her voice, a singularly sweet one of great range, was easily discernible in this, her first effort in public in Conisbrough and the reception by the audience was very flattering and at the same time deserving.

Mr T Turner, of Doncaster, gave a reading entitled “Fallen by the way” by George R Sims. Miss Turner’s voice is particularly well adapted for reading, and he made a distinct hit, the spellbound attention of the audience as they listen to the unfoldment of the story of sorrow and poverty, death, and meets all the cheer and plenty of Christmastide, being the greatest compliment that could be paid to the readers abilities.

Master C Willoughby gave “quite English, you know.” And Mr H Meacoak then introduced a novelty in the shape of fairy bells, on which he played some popular airs.

Miss Meacock then sang “Tit-for-tat” in a most vigourous style.

A duet by Mrs Beardsley and Soar on the piano and violin followed, “La Sonnambula.” There are many tuneful melodies in this well-known composition and they lost none of their prettiness at the hands of Messrs Beardsley and Soar.

A lecture on the talki phone by Mr Reklow Derf introduced the audience to an easily apparent deception, but the business was very good at times, and cause considerable merriment.

A pianoforte duet by Miss Sharp and Mr Colley open the second part of the programme.

Mr WH Chambers rendered “Safe in his forest home,” in masterly fashion..

A great improvement was manifested in Miss Meacock’s second venture, “No, sir,” and she came in for well-deserved applause.

Mr Scholes was again happy in his song “Three sailor boys,” and as an ankle gave “Fighting we must go.”

Mr Turner then gave a most diverting reading, entitled “Paddy Flynn, or the miseries of an Irishman”, in which the brogue and peculiarities of the subject of the sketch were capitally imitated.

Mr Pacey was cheered for the popular nautical song, “They all love Jack.”

Mr H Meacock followed with a bone solo and then Miss Wardell again enraptured the audience in her second song “Ask nothing more.”

Mr Rose sang “Queen of my heart,” in good style, and Mr H White in a most acceptable addition to the programme, “the Powder monkey.”

A n—-r sketch, very last was given by Mr Reklaw Derf and the programme was brought to a close by a duet (violin and piano) “March,” by Messrs Soar and Beasley, full of harmonious blending.

The usual votes of thanks concluded the proceedings.


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