Conisborough Parish Council – Discussion on the Northcliffe Footpath

April 1915

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 24, 1915

Conisborough Parish Council
Annual Meeting
Discussion on the Northcliffe Footpath

The annual meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council was held on Wednesday evening there were present Messrs. Jones, A. Barwell, T. Hill, Brooks, Bashforth, Wells, Haggard, Tyas, Doran and Urch.

Election of Committees
Mr. W. Appleyard was re-elected chairman Mr. S Urch vice-chairman. It was decided, on the proposition of Mr. Barwell, to form an additional Footpaths committee, consisting of seven members. The overseers-Messrs. Appleyard, R.J. Clarkson, Brocklebank, and Urch were re-elected on bloc. Mr. D. C. Graham was re-elected to represent the Council on the Mexborough secondary school board of governors.

Northcliffe Footpath
Mr. Norwood wrote saying that it would be inconvenient to grow grass in their field adjoining the Northcliffe footpath as the field was now harrowed and rolled.

Mr. Hill said he thought they ought to go on with repairing of the land and so make it suitable for the people to walk upon. The landlord could not sell the land therefore the land belonged to the people. The Conisborough Council had the right to repair the land. They had repaired it before.

The Clerk: without permission.

Mr. Hill, resuming said they ought to get some legal advice on that matter and say there were going on with the repair of that footpath.

Mr Haggard said that if the council repaired that path, he thought it would be of benefit to Mr. Norwood. If the landowner allowed them to repair the footpath, he would only be doing his duty to the people of Conisborough but he thought that by the present stand he was taking he was not acting fair to the working classes at all.

Mr. Hill asked what the reason was for the delay in the commencement of the diversion of the footpath, and

it was stated that the district council gave permission for their clerk (Mr. Marshall) to make some alternatives in the agreement and the matter now stood, between Mr White (agent for Mr. Montague) and Mr. Marshall

Mr. Haggard remarked that he thought if they could get any legal advice on the matter they should do so. It was their duty to look after the interests of the workmen of Conisborough, and if that road was a common one they ought to have it.

Mr. Brooks observed that they had been over this matter times after time and he had come to the conclusion that it was not their ground, that it was not their footpath, and that they had only a right of way, that fact they should bear in mind.

Mr Hill said he for that stand had been taken by the owners of the land for the purpose of handicapping the repairing of the footpath, and the dealings of the council were not respected.

Mr. Haggard: We are not patronised at all.

Mr. Urch said that if they got advice they would still be where they were that the present time, and have no more than a right of way. With respect to the ploughing up of the land, it was arable land, and the landlord was quite willing to allow the tenant to plough it up. He did not leave where they would get anything more they did obtain legal advice.

A lengthy discussion followed and considerable correspondence on the matter was read by the clerk. No further action was taken