Conisborough Parish Council – Recreation ground, Allotments and a Deputation

June 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times June 10, 1905

Conisborough Parish Council.

Will Conisborough have a recreation ground?
The Allotments and a Deputation .

The monthly meeting was held at the Station Road schools on Wednesday evening, Mr J. Brocklesby presided over Messrs. J. Smithson, H. H. Wray, H. L. Smethurst, W. W. Norwood, J. Walker, T. W. Middlesbrough, and H. Baker, With Mr J. Hawksworth. Clerk and Mr. J. Hodgson, cemetery caretaker

The minutes having been confirmed. Mr Norwood reported that he had seen Lady Yarbrough’s agent re the Dole of £3 per year. Mr Kohl informed the deputation that if they could produce a deed to the effect that Lady Yarbrough was liable for the dole she will not only plate, but the arrears. Mr Norwood said the vicar of Braithwell had a deed in his possession entitling the parish of Braithwell to a dole of 1 pound per annum, and he suggested that they should visit the vicar and endeavour to inspect the deed to see if anything of the nature and deed applied to Conisborough.

Charity Trustees Report.
Mr. Smithson said that at the March meeting the charity Trustees were instructed to bring to the Council the report of the distribution of the doles, and it was decided that this be done at the next meeting.

The Fire Brigade account for £1 9s. 6d. for services rendered at the fire of April 13th. at Mrs. Wrights again came up for payment – it was decided that the account be paid, and the Clerk to take steps to recover same from the insurance company.

Mr Ellis’s account of four Guinness for the surveying of the allotments, made its appearance and the cheque was drawn, but to be withheld until Mr.Wray had measured the ground and certified the account.

Valuation of the Allotments
Mr Baker raised a question as to the valuation of the allotments, he understood that they had been valued by Mr Revill at £50. There were 5 acres, and there were is a lot of fencing in it
Mr. Brocklesby said that through some misunderstanding, caused by a letter to the Clerk been retained as insufficiently addressed, the Clerk was not present when Mr Dawson came over to value the land. At some inconvenience to he (the speaker), who was sent for, went down for the Mr Dawson. And they had some warm words. Naturally, Mr Dawson would do the best he could for his client, but he fought that Mr Shearman would see, on their behalf, that right was done.
A Recreation Ground?

A letter was read from Mr. George White, offering some land below the North Cliff Hills, at a rental of 10s per acre, for the purpose of a recreation ground.

The chairman said it would be a good thing for the rising generation of Conisborough if such a thing could be provided.

After some little discussion, in which the members seemed favourable to the proposal, but chary of spending any money, a deputation, consisting of Mr Brocklesby, Mr. Norwood, and Mr. Smethurst was appointed to interview Mr. White, with a view of approaching Mr. Montagu, to find out the best terms and which they could get the land.
A Deputation.
A deputation of allotment holders was then introduced to the Council by Mr. Mosby.
Mr. T. Swales said the holders had formed themselves into an association, and had sent them to interview the council to clear up one or two matters upon which they did not feel quite sure, and bring to the notice of the Council the necessity of having a fence erected at the bottom end of the allotments.
Their questions were:
(1) Is a pigsty to be erected in the centre of the plots or against the wall;
(2) is the spring at the top end, property for all holders, and if the plot on which it stands is taking will the holder be able to exclude the others; (
(3) are there to be two 9ft. cart roads?

The chairman informed them that the council would look into the matter of fencing
Mr Baker remarked that as they had paid something like £38 for fencing this was a matter that the landlord might be asked to see to (1) the pig sties would not be interfered with as long as they were kept clean.

Mr Baker, as a rural District councillor, said, as long as the stys were kept in good order he could tell them the Rural District Council, would not interfere: (2); and (3) there would be only one 9ft road

The deputation, having thanked the council then withdrew.