Conisborough Parish Council – Street Lighting and Holywell Spring

March 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 5, 1897

Street lighting.

On the suggestion of Mr Holmes, the Clerk was instructed to write the district council, calling their attention to the resolution passed by our council on December 4, 1895, asking them to erect four lamps from Rock house to Mount Pleasant, and also four from Mile End to Don view, and that they would be urged to give instructions for the same to be attended to.

The Chairman: The mains will want extending for this to be done.

Mr Holmes said this was about the time for this work to be done. It would want doing in the summertime when the lamps were not required. He thought this was a most opportune time for the work.

The Chairman; Have you included Doncaster Road. – Mr Holmes: yes. – The chairman: and Mount Pleasant? – Mr Holmes yes.

The Clerk shall you require four lamps? – Mr Holmes: yes; I was on their the other day, and I thought for would be the least required.

Mr Ogley: We want to do this at once,

Mr Singleton: while we are on this question, I think we should ask for one to be erected down Castle Hill. The one now there is turned off every night at 10 o’clock, and a lot of work men passed down there after 11 at night, and it is very dark. I should say 100 people pass there.

Mr Mosby: we should now ask for the lamps to remain a light all night. This is the opportune time, as the contracts will soon be made.

The Chairman: The only fear is that it will get laid on one side and missed signt of.

Mr Holmes: No, I think the council will attend to it. – Mr Robinson seconded the motion. – Carried.

Holywell Spring.

Mr Mosby moved that the Clerk obtain more information relative to the scheme for the covering of the Holywell spring.

Mr Singleton asked what was Mr Nicholson’s motive in clearing the spring; did he want to claim it?

The Chairman: I don’t think so. Mr Nicholson wants it covering.

Mr Robinson seconded the motion, which was carried.