Conisborough Parish Council – The Allotment Dispute

January 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 7, 1905

Conisborough Parish Council
The Allotment Dispute

Mr J Brocklesby presided over an ordinary monthly meeting of this authority on Wednesday night, held in the Station Road Board Schools. The the members present were Messes Baker, Walker, Smethurst, Norwood, Wilson, Pagden, Robinson, Wray and Mosby, with the clerk Mr Hawksworth

Burial Accounts amounting to £9 7s 6d were passed

The Clerk read the following letter from Mr B.J.Clarkson of Conisborough in reference to land required for allotments:

“Dear Sir, I am tired of hearing my name mentioned at your Council meetings by certain member of same, who thinks I am asking too much for valuation; so I have decided to withdraw my offer to accept £10 for 5 acres, and have the same valued by a practical and competent of valuers because I don’t want to rob the ratepayers.”

Mr Baker said that as the letter appeared to pointed him was bound to say that this was the most gallant act he had known of Mr Clarkson. By doing so he had saved the ratepayers from an extraordinary outlay. He hoped the gentleman connected with the matter would be withdrawn from the business altogether, and so save ratepayers from what he called an unfair recommendation. So far as Mr Montague was concerned, you are satisfied that you will be willing to meet the ratepayers and let them have the land at a fair price. He had met a gentleman named Mr Goodlad work formally had that land. He (Mr Goodlad) had paid for 28 acres, a good farmstead, and substantial cottage, £32 per annum. Yet Mr Clarkson wanted £10 for 5 acres. The sum was outrageous and Mr Clarkson buy his letter, had done a good act, for which he could complement him for going out of his course this festive season.

The Chairman: we shall ask to appoint valuers and accept their award

Mr Wray: that is the only course open to us

Mr Smethurst: I believe you said you would pay all expenses, Mr Baker?

Mr Baker: that is very nice. I must reply to that. I did offer. You, Mr Wray and Mr Smethurst seem to be tutored by a cantankerous old man, who wants to bring you young men to the front, and unfortunately you are taking heed of him

Mr Smethurst: you appear to be suited by “Old Nick himself.” (Laughter) I ask if Mr Baker is going to keep his former offer or withdraw from it

Mr Baker: As the man speaking to me is largely connected with “Old Nick” (laughter) I will answer him in the best way. I did, along with you, Mr Chairman, offered to stand any exposures which might be incurred in Valerie the land some three or four months ago, but you, or Mr Chairman, did not accept it. I offered if it came to more than £10 to pay the excess. It so happens that at last meeting was carried at £10 should be given. I am surprised at Mr Smethurst bringing up the matter in the way he has, after the matter has gone by. I compliment Mr Clarkson again for excellent action he has taken

continuing, Mr Baker said he did not think there was need to find a valuer, as the farmer he had named give them some idea, and this was only for a small allotment, which was been taken for the benefit of new Conisborough and Denaby. If there was anything fair and reasonable to pay Mr Montague would bear the expense. The landlord was a gentleman to bear the cost, particularly when he was receiving an extortionate price for it. He was sure Mr Montague would be only too glad to pay any sum likely to assist. It was grassland, on which were four or five fences, though these only existed in the form of roots. If that was valid Mr Clarkson would have to pay for dilapidation.