Conisborough Parish Council – The Question of Charities

July 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 5, 1895

Conisborough Parish Council

The monthly meeting was held in the National Schools on Wednesday evening. There were present, Messrs Samuel Whitfield (in the chair), Robinson, Taylor, Marsh, Jones, Milner, Norwood, Gillott, Senior, Holmes and Booth.

New Member

Mr Milner, having made the declaration thanked the council for his election.

The Question of Charities

Mr Norwood asked as to a dole which was to be paid out the 29th inst. He believed the Clerk had informed them that the money was paid once a year?

The Clerk said Messrs and coal are promising further information, but had neglected to do so. He had however been informed that Mr Godfrey Walker, J.P. was going to make enquiries.

The Chairman: Nevermind heresays, I had occasion to visit Messrs Baxter, and in answer to my enquiries I could learn absolutely nothing.

Mr Norwood: According to the commissioner’s report they are bound to paid it half yearly.

Mr Gillott referred to the clauses structures at the last meeting. He got no notice of that meeting and the chairman was indignant because he was not there! It appeared that they had not got the money, so where was a good going to the meeting? The chairman himself had created a fine furore because he did not get notice of the School Board meeting!

The Chairman: The cases are not analysed out. (Laughter)

Mr Gillott: I beg to differ. I never received any notice except verbally from you, when you are imbibing Hollands and I Scotch! (Loud laughter)

The Chairman: At that meeting every member was present except Mr Gillott.

With regard to any complaint, it was decided to was the indolence of the School Board Clerk in not sending the notice out sooner.

Mr Gillott: I had not 24 hours notice! I should like to know why all the blame with regard to the dole was laid upon me in your remarks?

The Chairman: It was not. I charged the churchwardens with it.

Mr Gillott: They are willing to give all the information in their power.

The chairman: Then why are they in such gross ignorance then? (Laughter)

Mr Norwood: You recollect that at the last meeting I gave a full report! Having previously consulted the Churchwardens and the Vicar that report was submitted to full Council. What is the effect upon the church? Why, at the vestry meeting he says that the whole onus of the blame rests above the churchwardens for not giving them all the information they could! The Chairman was not there for five minutes, and other members intended coming. I consider that you committed a breach of good taste in giving publicity to a report that was unsupported by one tittle of evidence. (Here, here) Mr Gillott was not to blame. It had been distinctly pointed out to you where to apply for the money.

The Chairman: indeed exposure when, may I ask?

Mr Norwood: At the next Council meeting.

Mr Holmes: if Mr Gillott had been present at the meeting we should have become possessers of the information which he says we are already acquainted with. (Hear, hear)

The Chairman: There was not time to give a legal notice.

Mr Norwood: A private notice will suffice. He does not require seven clear days for an adjourned meeting.

Mr Booth: how could be expected to come?

The Clerk: it was a special meeting. The German was well understood by the members. Mr Gillott: I did not think the chairman was in earnest his remark. There was plenty of time which give the notice.

The Chairman: When did you give that information about the doles?

Mr Booth: at the last council meeting, one month ago.

The Chairman: the 5 June was a first date on which the council were informed that the dole was to be distributed on the 29th.

Mr Gillott: I think not.

The Chairman I say yes. The whole matter came upon us as a surprise.

Mr Gillott: Nearly every one of the members of this Council knew.

The Chairman said that since then the clerk written to Doncaster and had also called but could only learn that enquiries will be made in the is the fault of the churchwardens and the vicar in not giving as more time.

Mr Gillott: No! No!

Mr Holmes: is the parish council to have the giving away? Dole?

The Chairman: I am unable to inform you. (Laughter)

Mr Norwood said he thought the chairman wrong in blaming the churchwardens because they gave the information as soon as they were asked to stop

The Chairman: We did not know there was a dole to be given on St Peters Day (Oh!)

Mr Holmes: I did not

Mr Norwood: You have seen the commissioner’s report.

Mr Holmes: We are entitled to complain of Mr Gillott’s conduct because he is the people’s warden and should have been doubly ready to come forward.

Mr Gillott: I have given all the information I possibly could. In the first place, when the committee was formed I was not put on that committee.

The Chairman: You ought to have been put upon that committee. No money is to be had this half year.

Mr Norwood thought the clerk should write to inform Messrs Baxter that the commissioners said that the money was to be paid half yearly.

Mr Gillott: That report does not say that the Parish Council has to pay the money. The churchwardens are quite willing to give the paying of the dole – up to the Council. (Hear, hear) the dole would be distributed this Saturday, only the Council thought they had the right.

The Chairman: Indeed. That is to say that the money is somewhere, only their as being some hitch in the distribution?

Mr Gillott: It would have been paid privately as it has often been in the past. Mr Walker is out of pocket to this day.

The Chairman: He had given us no intimation.

The discussion then dropped.