Conisborough Parish Council – The State of the Roads

March 1897

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 6, 1897

The State of the Roads.

The attention of the council was drawn to the state of the road from the Minneymoor to the Castle Inn.

The chairman said he was of the opinion that something had been done.

Mr Robinson moved that the general purposes committee visit all this road, and be given power to invite tenders for the work.

Mr Butcher seconded

Mr Robinson said that ought to give power to the committee to invite tenders as soon as possible, and not wait for the next meeting of the board,

Mr Ogley said he should move that Messrs Downing, Savile, and Twibey be asked to tender for the work.

Mr Hirst seconded the resolution.

The Chairman: Ask any local men to tender.

Mr Ogley: If the council wish I will alter my resolution to ask any local men to tender, instead of specifying. – This resolution was accepted, and carried unanimously.

Mr Robinson drew attention to the dangerous state of the footpath at the top of the cliff and the left-hand side going to Doncaster.

The Chairman: Is it on the highway?

Mr Robinson: Yes; there used to be a wall but now there is neither wall nor fence, nor anything else.

The chairman: the highway authority have been attending to the road up there. I don’t know whether they have done anything to this or not.

The Clerk: You don’t mean this is on the highway, do you?

Mr Robinson: yes I shall move that the attention of the highway authority be called to this.

Mr Singleton seconded. – Carried.

The attention of the District Council was also drawn to the state of the road down into burcroft. This was included in Mr Robinson’s resolution.

Mr Singleton brought forward the question of a grate being removed on some property belonging to Mr Glasby. The grate was for carrying away slush water. And it had been taken away, and the water was now allowed to swim there.

It was decided that the General Purposes Committee should go down and visit the place.