Conisborough Policeman and His Suit Of Clothes.

May 1888

Sheffield Evening Telegraph – Thursday 17 May 1888

Conisborough Policeman and His Suit Of Clothes.

To-day at the Doncaster County Court George Dickson, draper, Monmouth street, Sheffield, sued David Gledhill, policeman, Conisborough, for £4, value of a suit of clothes

Plaintiff said that he called on defendant, who ordered a suit of clothes, tbe price agreed £4, 5 shillings to be allowed off for cash- He saw the clothes tried on, and they were “a very moderate fit.” (Laughter.)

The Judge: I don’t know that he is bound to take a very moderate fit.

Piaintiff said that he was willing to make the alterations.

The Judge (examining the clothes): They are not the same colour.

Defendant was called, and said that plaintiff guaranteed that the clothes should be all wool, and a perfect fit. They were not of the quality ordered, and did not fit.

When he tried the coat on plaintiff said, “You have not got man’s form; you want padding to it.” (Laughter.) He also told him that he was no judge, and could not tell whether it fit not. (Laughter.)

The trousers were two inches short, and there was not sufficient room to let them out. He wanted them “bell-bottomed,” and they were not what be ordered.

Two practical tailors having stated that the clothes were not a according the quality the pattern produced, and did not fit, his Honour gave a verdict for defendant, and said plaintiff could take back his clothes.