Conisborough Resident’s Son Missing – Suit of Clothes discovered on Blackpool Beach

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1905

A Blackpool Find
Conisborough Resident’s Son Missing
Suit of Clothes discovered on the Beach

While walking on the shore near Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Blackpool on Saturday afternoon, Thomas Birch, an Oldham visitor, noticed a suit of clothes at the foot of the cliffs, and is known put in appearance to claim it the supposition is that the owner has been drowned.

In one of the pockets of the clothes was an army furlough paper granted at Malta on June 23, 1905, Tim A.E.Tate, sapper in the Royal Engineers, number 4169, with the permission to be absent from his quarters from reveille July 6 to October 3, 1905, and leave to proceed to England and permission to wear plainclothes

Amongst other things found in the clothes was a most remarkable letter, apparently in a ladies handwriting, and bearing the address Crowhurst, Balkan road, Haywards Heath. After expressing pleasures at “Dear Tate’s” arrival in England, the letter proceeds:

Are you leaving the army altogether? I did not know your time was up. It is difficult, as you say, to maintain the principle we see to be right and the word of God. Everything around is either dead or departing from the truth. It is remarkable that the countries of the 10 kingdoms are drawing closer together, and in the meeting of the English and French fleets we see it more than ever.

I will send you the last court Perilous Time”, in case you what, and a few papers. You may get an opening to give away the ones in the Gospel. Try and do some direct work for God in studying His word and try to reach other souls. When we think of the awfulness of eternity, apart from the Christ, it should urge us to seek to rescue anyone. We can pray that God will bring you in contact with any whom He may have prepared to receive this truth.

What have you been doing on the Sundays? With every good wish and prayer, yours sincerely in Christ,

L Cartner

A constant search was made all along the coastline throughout the whole of Sunday, but nothing was discovered that would in any way elucidate the mystery.

Much sympathy is felt in this district for the brothers of the A.E. Tate, who has three brothers at South Kirby and one at Hemsworth. His father – Mr William Tate – is well-known in Conisborough where he resides. The young man was in South Kirby on a cycle tour with a lady friend only a few days ago, and left it to continue his tour further North.

The first intimation the family had was when brother Robert saw the announcement in the paper. The young man’s father had heard nothing until his son went to tell him what yet seen in the paper. The father was much affected at the mystery surrounding the affair, as his son bore an excellent character, and until last week he had not seen him for five years.

Enquiries made by telegram from the Chief of Police at Blackpool has brought a reply that nothing beyond the discovery of the clothes as we found it to Tuesday afternoon. One of the brothers is trainer to the South Kirby Colliery football team.