Conisborough School Board

August 1902

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 29 August 1902

Conisborough School Board

An ordinary meeting of the Conisborough School Board was held on Tuesday evening, when there was not much business of public interest transacted.

Mr J Brocklesby (the chairman) presided, and other members present were Mr D Robinson, Mr A Dickinson, Mr E Ravenscroft and Mr G Kilner.

The Clerk (Mr Allan) was in attendance.

A letter had been received from Mr W Smith, headmaster, pointing out that he had not been paid a portion of the public teacher grant in accordance with the local custom.

The Clerk explained that the procedure been that the head teacher should make a claim, but no such claim had been put in by Mr Smith. He would see that the matter was attended to.

Two applications were received from young people wishing to book be appointed probationers, one from Allan Wright and the other from Laura delaine Badger.

The Chairman said there was not a vacancy at present in the girl’s school, but there was one in Mr Smith’s school.

It was decided to appoint Allan Wright.

Two applications have been received in respect of the resignation of Miss Rawson, certified assistant teacher in the infant department.

It was decided to reappoint Miss Marlborough, to succeed Mr Roald Rawson and a transfer Mr Chadwick to the Station Road infants department.