Conisborough School Board – Apology from Liberal Chairman

November 1885

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 13, 1885

Conisborough School Board

On Friday evening the monthly meeting was held, when there were present Dr Hill’s (chairman), major Johnson, Messrs C Kilner, G Walker and GT Nicholson.

Mr Nicholson begged to lay his resignation in the hands of his colleagues, as it had come to his knowledge that Mr John Dixon, in his address as chairman at the recent liberal meeting, had said that he (Mr Nicholson) was an unfit person to be on the School board, and that no brewer had any right to be on such boards.

The Chairman said that Mr Dixon had waited upon him and requested him to convey to Mr Nicholson and the board generally his sincere regret and apology for his unjustifiable attack on Mr Nicholson.

The following resolution was then unanimously passed an order to be entered on the minutes: “that Mr Nicholson and the members of this School board accept the ample apology which Mr Dixon has made to the board for the gross insult which he, in the capacity of chairman of the Liberal meeting at Conisborough on 21 October, cast upon Mr Nicholson as a member of the Conisborough School Board.”

The work of raising the partition wall between the playgrounds was intrusted to Mr John’s Swibey.

The clerk was instructed to advertise for an assistant master for the boy’s school.