Conisborough School Board – Chairman Dispute

August 1895

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 2 1895

Conisborough School Board

A meeting of the newly elected members was held last evening. Present Messrs. G. Walker, B. G. Dufton, J. Pagdin, T. Stacey, E. Tenant, J. Marsh, and the rev. G. H. Stock.

The first business being the appointment of chairman, Mr. Dufton.

Mr. Stock proposed, as an amendment, that Mr. Walker be appointed. With all respect to Mr. Dufton, he thought that Mr. Walker being at the head of the poll, and having saved the board in previous years he was best qualified by the position.

Mr. Stacey seconded.

Mr. Walker said that although there was a majority on the board adverse to him, he certainly did think he had a claim to be elected. He had the satisfaction of having a majority of the ratepayers in his favour, and he had been told, since the election, by a great number of persons that he was placed at the head of the poll in order that he might be the chairman. He reminded Mr. Dufton and Mr. Marsh that six years ago they had supported Dr Hill’s for the chairmanship on the ground that he had been at the head of the poll.

Mr. Marsh replied that Mr. Walker was mistaken as to the reason why he previously supported Dr. Hill’s. On the present occasion they were acting on party lines, and as the class he represented was frequently in a minority, he would at the present time adhere to its rights.

The vote being taken, Mr. Dufton, in acknowledging the honour done to him, explained that party tactics had been adopted prior to the election, but the board would now independent of party.

Mr. Tennant was elected vice-chairman.

The other offices having been elected, the resignations of two assistants, Mr.Taylor and Mr. Hibbert, were accepted

The Rev. G.H. Stock gave notice that at the next meeting he would ask that the headteacher be requested to draw up a scheme for the religious instruction of the children, to submit to the board.