Conisborough School Board – New Schools – Appeal To Parents – Urban Powers Question.

May 1898

South Yorkshire Times May 6, 1898

Conisborough School Board.
Tenders For The New Schools.
An Appeal To Parents.’The Urban Powers Question.

The monthly meeting was held last night, Mr. B. G. Dutton presiding. Present Messrs. W W Norwood, G. Walker, J.P., and J Pagdin.

Tenders for New School

The Clerk reported that Mr. White, the architect, had arranged for the tenders for the new school to be sent in by May 15th.

Mr. Walker: The quantities are not ready yet.

The Clerk: They are ready yesterday, I saw them,

Mr. Walker: I spoke to Mr Saville to-day, and he said he could not tender because he had not received the quantities.

Mr. Pagdin: I had a similar complaint made to me.

Mr. Walker: If the quantities are not sent out it gives them no time if the tenders are to be in by the 15th.

The Clerk: I expect they will be sent out by now.


The Clerk reported that he had written the Clerk of the Sheffield School Board with reference to the boy Grundy, who it was proposed to send to a truant school, and had received a reply that they could take the boy into the truant school within the next fortnight. They had not, however, sent the boy because the magistrates had refused to grant the order.

Mr. Walker: Why did they refuse?

The Clerk: Because it was the first offence since the attendance order was made.

An Appeal to Parents.

Mr. Pagdin explained that at the last meeting it was reported that H.M. Inspector had intimated that he would like to see a successful sixth standard, especially in the girls, where it was the custom of parents to take their children away after passing the sixth standard —the standard of exemption. They had the power to raise the standard of exemption, but the inspector suggested that they should try the effects of an appeal to parents to allow their children to remain at school a year longer. The Board had instructed himself and Mr. Marsh to draw up a circular to parents, which he then read, asking for the children s own sake to co-operate with the Board in this matter.

Mr. Norwood asked if the parents would take any notice of the circular.

The Chairman: It won’t do any harm, and we shall have carried out the suggestion of the Inspector any way. On the motion of Mr. Godfrey Walker, it was decided to hare 500 copies of the circular printed, and circulated.


The Attendance Officer reported that the attendance for the month was: boys, 85 per cent.; girls, 82 per cent.; infants, 78 per cent.; Denaby Mixed, 79 per cent., and infants 85 per cent.


Cheques for salaries, etc., amounting to £107 1s. 4d. were ordered to be signed.

Conisborough and Urban Powers.

Mr. Norwood said he thought the Board ought to pass a resolution supporting the action of the Urban Powers Promotion Committee They now saw there was opposition from Denaby Main, who wished to take away part of the parish for which they were about to provide school accommodation.

Mr. Walker: And for which we have bought the land.

Mr. Norwood, continuing, said they had already bought the land, and if Denaby got the Urban District, which they were agitating for, their schools would not he required, as that part of the parish would be in another area, and they would be no use. He thought on those grounds they ought to support the application, and he would move that they did so.

Mr. Pagdin seconded, and the resolution was carried unanimously.