Conisborough School Board – The Price of Water – The New Schools

September 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, September 6.

Conisborough School Board.

The Price of Water.

The New Schools. 

All the members were present at an ordinary monthly meeting of the above authority, which was held in the offices on Wednesday evening.

Mr Baker, the new member, took his seat for the first time. There were present Mr J Brocklesby (in the chair), with Messes A. Dickinson, A. Ravenscroft, Henry Baker, G.H. Hirst, G. Kilner, and D.Robinson, with Mr F. Allen (clerk)

The clerk reported that he had received a communication from the Education Department with reference to Labour certificates.

It was resolved that the question be deferred until the next meeting.

The Clerk also reported the receipt of a letter from Hull, stating that the place had been found for the girl, Mary Desborough, near to Hull.

The Chairman said it was very satisfactory.

The Clerk also read a letter from the Denaby Water Company, stating that they had received the letter from the Clerk, stating that the board accepted their application, but they regretted they could not reduce the charge of 8d per thousand gallons, as it would break arrangements made with other parties.

The Chairman said they were entirely in their hands. They must have some water, and according to their estimate it was not a serious matter. It would only make a difference of 10 shillings or 12 shillings per year. It was the only supply they would be able to get. Mr Hirst spoke strongly on the subject. They were supplying water in Conisborough at 6d per 1000 gallons. It looked like another Conisborough and Denaby affair.

Mr Robinson: Very nearly, I think.

The Chairman: I hope not.

Mr Robinson said they were supplying some at 6d. He did not believe what Mr Chambers said at the District Council that they would soon get the water at 6d.

The Chairman said there would be practically no cost. They (the Board) had purchased a meter to register how much they consumed. They were in their hands, and they insisted on having 8d.

A New Teacher.

Mr Robinson said with regard to the appointment of a headmistress for the new schools the subcommittee I gone into all the applications thoroughly. They had gone through 22. Applications, some from widows, married women, single women and some had even sent photos, which perhaps some members of the Board would like to look at. (Laughter.) They had selected six from the lot to be chosen from.

It was ultimately resolved that Mrs Barnes, of Conisborough and Mrs Ramskill of Wombwell be asked to attend the next meeting of the Board.

More Accommodation.

The chairman, who was one of the subcommittee deputy to see the vicar and churchwardens in reference to the School Board, renting the church Sunday school for 12 months, stated that he, along with Mr Dickinson, went to interview the churchwardens, and they resolved to lower the rent to £55 per year, and that was including coal, gas, etc. Those were the best terms they could get. It was resolved to accept those terms.

Caretaker for the New Schools.

The Clerk read an application for the post of caretaker for the new schools.

Some discussion took place on the subject, and Mr Robinson asked if their present caretaker was always on the job. He had plenty of work on.

Mr Farmery said he could manage it with the help of his daughter, he would be able to look after the heating apparatus.

Mr Robinson: I do not believe in it; a woman can manage the heating apparatus. Our caretaker at present spends half his time away from the work.

Mr Farmer: It’s false.

Mr Ravenscroft: I move that the Clerk advertise the caretaker.

Mr Robinson nominated a caretaker, a Mr D Ellis of Burcroft

It was ultimately resolved the position of temporary caretaker, be fixed at a salary of 15 shillings per week.