Conisborough Sports

May 1907

Mexborough & Swinton Times, May 4, 1907

Conisborough Sports

10th annual event on the last Saturday in June.

The annual show and sports at Conisborough form one of the principal events of the kind in the district.

Good entries in the local and open races and in the horse classics for the show, can always be relied upon, and a large crowd of spectators always cheer the hearts of the promoters.

Saturday, June 29, is a date fixed this year, and the football field, Park Road, is, as usual, the venue.

Lady Yarborough is the patroness, Mr W. L. Colt the president, Mr Frank Ogley, chairman of committee, Mr W. Norwood treasurer, Mr A. Lugar and Mr R. J. Clarkson joint secretaries, and there is an energetic committee, so that it may be taken for granted nothing will be left undone to make the meeting in every way successful.

The prize money has been increased. Both in the sports and show departments, and in the latter a speciality is being made of foals.

The sports age affiliated to the NCAA and will be under AAA laws.