Conisborough Station Nuisances – Youths Foolish Actions – Heavy Penalties

November 1907

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 26, 1907

Conisborough Station Nuisances
Youths Foolish Actions
Heavy Penalties

George Bodkin, Ernest Marriott and Thomas Fisher, all pony driver, of Mexborough, Conisborough and Denaby respectively, was charged with trespassing on the Great Central Rail way at Conisborough on October 18.

Bodkin appeared and pleaded guilty

The Great Central Railway Inspector Hall appeared to prosecute.

Benjamin Sleaford, a ganger of the plate layers at Conisborough said he was working between six and 7 o’clock in the morning when he saw the three defendants running across the line. They were also running about the footbridge. He went to them and on them off, but they refused to go, and use some very bad language. They started jumping from the footbridge onto the wagon of a stationary goods train, and continued to act in that foolish manner when the train was in motion. After this they commenced rolling kits of fish about the station platform. They also used filthy language to engine drivers.

With the assistance off two of the plate layers, witness was able to catch the boys, and they were taken to the station master and reported.

Harry Norton, a plate layer, spoke as to aiding the last witness in making the capture.

Mr Richards, stationmaster at Conisborough, deposed that he identified the three lads when brought to him as the same three he had occasion to chase off the premises the day previous, owing to their suspicious actions round several kits of fish. He had a great deal of trouble with boys who were continually trespassing and causing any amount of trouble.

Inspector Hall said that Conisborough station, above all others, was a station which was the cause of considerable annoyance in many ways by that class of youths.

There were two previous convictions against Bodkin, eight against Marriott, and five against Fisher.

Bocking was fined 20/-including costs, or 10 days imprisonment in default and Marriott and Fisher 30/-including costs or 14 days each