Conisborough Sub Headquarters In Atomic Warfare Exercise

October 1956

South Yorkshire Times October 13, 1956

Conisborough Sub Headquarters In Atomic Warfare Exercise

An exercise in rescue work during atomic warfare was held in the Sheffield Region on Sunday.

The Hill Top, Conisborough, was one of the sub headquarters, and the exercise began at 10:30 AM, supposedly eight hours after a bomb had fallen. Messages from different headquarters were continually coming in asking for medical assistance and reinforcement.

A record on the situation was kept, on a large map. 42 army men and 30 civilian defencemen and women took part at the Conisborough headquarters. The directors of the exercise were Brig. D. T. B. Houchin, D.S.C.M.C., Commander of the East and West Riding area, and Mr. J. R. S. Watson, regional director of the number two home office, civil defence.

Other places taking part were Sheffield, Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley, part of the West riding North Derbyshire, and Chesterfield.

The exercise lasted seven hours.