Conisborough Tragedy – Mother’s Death Follows That of Little Daughter

11 September 1937

Leeds Mercury – Saturday 11 September 1937

Mother’s Death
Follows That of Little Daughter

Without ever regaining complete consciousness, Sylvia Gertrude Rantzen (39), wife of Woolf Barnato Rantzen, of Northcliffe Road, Conisborough. died to-day, unaware that her only child, Sylvia, aged two years and eleven months, who was found in bed with her on Sunday suffering from the effects of coal-gas poisoning, had died, and had already been buried.

Mrs Rantzen had been unconscious for 108 hours, and during the whole time Conisborough police had maintained a continuous vigil by her bedside.

Mrs. Rantzen, a former Conisborough and Nottingham school teacher, who had travelled extensively, was found by her husband on returning from a business trip to Manchester. Mrs. Rantzen and the child should have been in Cleethorpes for the week-end.

The child died in Fullerton Hospital, Denaby.

Mr. and Mrs. Rantzen were married in Kenya Colony, and spent some time in New Zealand before Mrs. Rantzen returned to England so that her daughter might be born in Conisborough.

Mr. Rantzen followed his wife to England to enter the employment of his father-in-law, Mr. Joseph Drabble, head a well-known South Yorkshire manufacturing confectionery firm.