Conisborough Trap Accident – Four Year Old Run Over

September 1905

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 23, 1905

A Conisborough Trap Accident

An enquiry touching the death of Charlotte Annie Hinchcliffe, aged four years, daughter of Samuel Hinchcliffe, glasshand of 3 Burcroft Hill, Conisborough, was run over by a trap on Monday, 11th inst, was held at the Castle Inn, Conisborough, on Tuesday morning, before Mr FE Nicholson, coroner.

Mr John Turnbull was elected foreman of the jury, the other gentlemen being Messrs W Clarkson, W.A. Lugar, J Meggitt, C.P. Richards, A Barron, T Booth, J Smailes, G Smithson, L Turner, F Earnshaw, J Gillett and R Fearn.

Samuel Hinchcliffe, father of deceased was the first witness called, and he stated that on Monday the 11th inst, she went out with her sister Emma Jane, aged 10 years, was in charge of a perambulator, which contained his youngest child and a next door neighbours. He did not see deceased again until she was brought home. Dr through was immediately called him, but she died last Monday at 7.30 the Doctor being constantly in attendance. She was injured in the abdomen right across the back. All the deceased could say when she was brought home was “Oh dear!” and “Mammie.”

William Henry Davies said on Monday, the 11th inst he was with his sister passing the workingmen’s club in Conisborough. He saw the deceased and two other children standing by the perambulator, which contained two babies.

When about 40 yards off the perambulator, which was stood just off the footpath, witness notice a trap coming steadily from the direction of Conisborough and as it passed the perambulator the wheel caught the end of it and tipped it up. The deceased somehow was knocked under the trap wheel, which passed over her body. The two children seated in the carriage were also thrown out onto the road.

A boy was driving the trap, and he was laid on the top of a number of bags which the trap contained. He was driving very steadily. Deceased crawled from the road into the hedge bottom after being run over. Witness attended to the two children who were thrown from the perambulator, who were cut a little, and his sister looked to the deceased injuries. No doctor came while he was there. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be greatly distressed at the current, and rendered every assistance.

Dr through stated on Monday week he was called at 2 o’clock, but he did not see deceased until 3.30 owing to be in attendance on another patient. Deceased was laid on a couch in the kitchen when he arrived. The examiner, found she was suffering from bruises right over the buttocks and abdomen. The limbs were all right, and there was a weal right across her back stop in his opinion the wheel had gone over her stomach.

Benjamin Kelly, aged 16, said he lived at number 2, the Glassworks with his father. On Monday the 11th inst he was driving his father’s trap from Conisborough, where he had been to fetch some shavings. There were two other boys in the trap with him. He had been accustomed to driving for about 12 months. As he was nearing the Workingmen’s Club he saw the perambulator and the children stood by it. He would be about 6 yards away when he first noticed them. He was driving steadily, and try to pull the horse across the road, and he could not account for how the wheel caught the perambulator. He was sat at the opposite side of the vehicle, and did not see deceased go under the wheel.

In answer to Inspector Watson, witness stated was only 6 yards of the children when he first saw them, and he was not “larking about” with the other boys in the trap.

The coroner, in summing up, said after hearing the evidence he saw that it was an accident, and there was not sufficient evidence of culpable neglect to render him criminally liable. There might have been a little carelessness but no culpable neglect.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was returned.

On the motion of the foreman, the jury decided to give their expenses to the deceased parents.