Conisborough Traveller Beat a Railway Company

January 1898

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 21, 1898

A Conisborough Traveller Beat a Railway Company

At the Doncaster County Court on Thursday week, and action was brought by the North Eastern Railway company against Henry Baker, Holywell House, Conisborough, traveller to the Albion Brewery, Sheffield for 3s 4d, the single fare from Doncaster to Hull, for a journey taken on ninth of October 1897.

Mr Smith, barrister, represented the railway company, and Mr Tovey, the defendant.

The stationmaster at Hessel stated that on ninth of October defendant arrived by a great Central excursion train at Hessel station for all without a ticket, and witness demanded the ordinary fare from Doncaster, defendant having a contract ticket to that place.

In answer to Mr Tovey he said he had been stationmaster 30 years.

Mr Tovey said that he evidently had been 30 years and did not know his business.

Defendant stated that he had not time to get a ticket for the excursion, and offered to pay the excursion fare, for which he would receive a receipt, which would have enabled him to return; and he proved that on his return to Conisborough he paid 1s 6d to a G.C.R. official. He had travelled hundreds of miles for the last seven years, and frequently used an excursion train under the same conditions as an ordinary train.

His honour found for the defendant, and in giving judgement said the company were suing for money they had already received. As defendant had not replied to the company’s letter no order for costs was made.