Conisborough U.D.C. – District Boot Fund – Proposed Conference – Overlooked Clinic

August 1932

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 12 August 1932

Conisborough U.D.C.

District Boot Fund

Proposed Conference of Local Authorities

An Overlooked Clinic

Conisboro’ Urban Council, at their monthly meeting on Wednesday, Mr. H. Gomersall presiding, considered calling a conference of local authorities in the Don Valley for the purpose of instituting a fund for providing boots for necessitous children, and eventually decided to circularise the local authorities on the subject.

The Clerk (Mr. Spencer Baker) said that on the instructions of the Council he had written the County Council asking them to consider establishing a boot fund, but they bad replied that they had no powers to set up such a fund. The previous voluntary fund had provided 33,000 pairs of boots and shoes, and 3000 were distributed in the Conisboro’ and Mexboro’ area. That fund was now exhausted.

Mr. J. T. E. Collins said sufficient pressure had not been brought to bear. Something would have to be done. It was no use waiting until winter and then being besieged by poor families who were in need of boots. It seemed there would have to be an Act of Parliament which would allow local authorities to establish these funds. They ought to consider whether local authorities should get together and press for the establishment of such a fund.

Mrs. Levers: There is a need for boots in this district, and there will soon be a need for soup kitchens.

The Chairman said the prospects for the winter were worse than they had been. Mr. Collins moved that local authorities be asked whether they were prepared to attend a conference along the lines suggested, and this was carried.

Cheap Fares for Unemployed.

The Clerk, reporting on an interview with the general manager of the Mexboro and Swinton Traction Company, for the purpose of securing concessions for the unemployed travelling from Conisboro’ to Mexboro’ to sign on at the Employment Exchange, said the Company had agreed to issue 6d. weekly tickets entitling the men to four journeys, two each way. Mr. Collins and himself had endeavoured to get the price reduced to 4d, but without success. The result of the interview had been communicated to Mr. J. Leatherland, who had asked the Council to take these steps on behalf of the unemployed, and lie had written expressing thanks for the Traction Company’s “magnificent concession” and for the expedition with which the Council had dealt with the matter.

A Forgotten Clinic.

Moving the confirmation of the minutes of the Sanitary and Highways Committee, Mr. Gomersall remarked that following correspondence between their Medical Officer and the County Medical Officer with reference to the establishment of an ante-natal clinic in Conisboro’, it had been discovered, to the astonishment of several members of the Council and the Medical Officer himself that there was already in existence in the township an ante-natal clinic such as the Council had been requesting the County authority to provide The clinic was in Denaby, but the attendance was not very good. It was opened once a month, and the average attendance was only eight. The Medical Officer was to endeavour to obtain an interview with the County Medical Officer to go further into the matter.

Cheaper Houses.

Referring to the possible erection of further houses by the Council, Mr. Collins expressed the hope that before any more houses were built they would consider building those of a type which could be let at a low rent. They ought to provide houses at a rent of 7/6, and he asked that the surveyor (Mr. H. Thirlwall) and three members should inspect houses of this type, of which there were examples at Maltby, Thorne, and Worsbro’ Bridge, before the Council embarked upon any further housing schemes. This was agreed.


Consequent upon a meeting with a deputation from the Council the County Council are to recommend that Lamphouse Hill, near the Star Hotel, Conisboro’, shall be made a one-way street.