Conisborough U.D.C. – House Letting – Immunisation Successes – Vandalism

December 1935

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 13, 1935

Conisborough U.D.C.
House Letting
Ratepayers Complaint
Successful War on Diphtheria

Members and official of Conisborough Urban Council stood in silence for the commencement of their monthly meeting on Wednesday as a tribute to a former colleague, Mr G.A.Chadfield, whose death occurred recently.

The Clerk (Mr Spencer Baker) said he had received a letter complaining that the house letting list was not being strictly adhered to by the subcommittee. The writer alleges that a man at the head of the list offered to give him preference, but the arrangement had not been allowed. The writer had been told that the committee must “stick rigidly to the list.” “There is something behind all this,” the writer concluded, and I should be much obliged someone would let me know what the grievance is.” The Labour Party, he wrote, was supposed to stand for fair play and justice. He hoped to see if there was any in Conisborough

The chairman (Mr R.H.Sheppard) said to the best of his knowledge the list was rigidly adhered to.

Mr G Oldfield said he had a copy of the note in which the man referred to suggesting allowing the writer preference when his turn came round, and the chairman alleged that this man had a counsellor behind him. He (the counsellor referred to) had had an opportunity of dealing with the matter in committee.

Mr J Leatherland said if any person apply to him, he dealt with the application.
The Chairman: Why don’t you stick to the constitution?

Mr T Sheppard was saying there were worse cases than this Mr Leatherland moved that when a short list was prepared it should be placed in the council Office window.

The Chairman: Go around showing it to them. Don’t put it in the window. (Laughter)

Immunisation Successes

The Medical Officer (Dr J McArthur) said since April conducted 4500 inoculations against diphtheria, involving some 1500 children. Since that time there have been no single case of the disease among those treated. Children were naturally immune from diphtheria up to 9 months, but from one year to 5 they were very susceptible.

He wished every child to undergo the treatment so that in the course of time, the district will become almost immune.

The council expressed satisfaction with the report.

The chairman said the Meat Inspector wished to be publicly known that he should be informed as early as possible of private killings for Christmas.

An item on the agenda was “A proposal to make application to the Minister of Health to sanction a grant for the feeding of the unemployed.” The Clerk said it was included in answer to a request for a meeting at Denaby, but he, personally, believe that they would be told they were not a Public Assistance Authority.

Councillor make application, and a long discussion ensued. The Clerk said he proposed to call a committee together between now and Christmas to investigate malnutrition. Of some 3671 children on roll other schools, some 762 were receiving free milk.

No vote was taken and the chairman added that he would like to thank contributors children’s Christmas tree form for the area. Names of contributors will be published later.


The council, Mr J.I.Webster said, have been perturbed about damage caused to conveniences in the area. At a meeting of the Sanitary and Highways Committee was recommended that, owing to the amount of damage to the Conanby shelter and conveniences, the police be requested to take action against persons found causing damage.
The council made splendid arrangements throughout their area, and they were not at all satisfied the damage was being caused only by children. It was wanton. The committee hope that once a coffee was found, the Council would not stay their hand.
The minutes were approved.
Congratulations were offered to Ellis Robinson, the Denaby and Barnsley cricketer, who was to accompany the Yorkshire team to Jamaica on their tour.