Conisborough U.D.C – New “Rink” Memorial Park Attracts Skaters – Unemployed Club

February 1937

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 12, 1937

Conisborough U.D.C

New “Rink”
Memorial Park Attracts Skaters
Unemployed Club Appeal

When dissatisfaction was expressed at Wednesday’s meeting of Conisborough Urban Council at the recommendation that the Memorial Park at Denaby should remain closed for a further period, pending the completion of concreting on a new shelter, Mr H. Gomersall said the allotments and pleasure grounds committee had been obliged to take this step, chiefly on account of the large army of roller skaters who seem to find the park “useful for the job!”

Mr Gomersall said he was surprised that a statement by Mr R. H. Shepard that the people found it “uncomfortable to stay under the sheds in the marketplace.” There had been no shelter in the park, and he had received no complaint that the park should be closed.

A month ago, before concreting on the new shelter was complete, they found that children were making a playground of the place, and leaving footmarks in the first layers. If that had occurred during the final stages of the work it would have spoiled the appearance of the whole thing. There was, too this large army of roller skaters.

The council felt that it was in the best interests of the ratepayers that the park should remain closed for a further month, but if the work was finished before that time had relapsed the part would be opened,

Appeal for Chance.

The Clerk (Mr Spencer Baker) read a communication from the Denaby and Conisborough miners welfare unemployed social club appealing for support in the club’s efforts to give local unemployed a chance to show their willingness to work. It was pointed out that although a rota committee existed the club members were not satisfied with the manner who was to blame for the long delay in calling the committee together, in order that there delegates might be able to report to their meeting. The hope was expressed that the committee would be called at an early date.

The chairman (Mr G. Oldfield), who presided, said the surveyor would get into touch with the chairman of the rota committee in the near future to see what could be done with any work available.

On a suggestion of Mr R. H. Shepard that some assurance might be given to members of the club, the chairman said some work would be opening out shortly. It was decided to call a meeting in the near future.