Conisborough U.D.C. – Quick Count – Constitutional Council Unchanged

April 1936

Mexborough & Swinton Times April 10, 1936

Conisborough UDC
Quick Count
Constitutional Council Unchanged

The election results were much as expected, and there is no change in the state of the parties. Three Labour representatives and one Independent were re-elected, and another Labour representative took the vacancy caused by the death of a member of the party.

The state of the council now is 12 “official” Labour, one Minority Movement, one Workers Representative, and one Independent. The count was expeditous, and by 9 p.m. the result was declared in the Church Hall by Mr Spencer Baker, the returning officer.

After the declaration Mr Ben Roberts proposed the vote of thanks to the returning officer and his staff. He thanked those who voted for him, but said he had expected more. Mr R. H. Shepard seconded and thanked those who had helped him. Mr A. Swaby supported.

Mr T. J. Gregory in thanking those who had “got him through,” said he was the “father of the council,” and had already been a member 12 years. Referring to a publication of his opponent showing their comparative attendances, when both represented the same ward, he said that the period referred to was when his wife had an illness which proved fatal.

Mr J. I. Webster said had given them a four line election address, no one had done any canvassing on his behalf, and he had only carried half a dozen voters to the poll. He thanked the voters, and added that the most disappointed person in Conisborough would be his wife, who had long urged him to give the work up.

Mr T. Morgan supported and stated that he would come out to fight again.

Mrs E. Levers said she would continue to fight until she got back the seat which she had held the seven years.

Mrs M. J. Wright spoke appreciatively of the assistance of the police during the day. She congratulated her opponent on a clean fight, but she did not agree with him regarding canvassing. She had put in many days and had made a host of friends in the ward.

Mr Spencer Baker thanked the speaker then paid tribute to the tactful work of the police.

Voting resulted: –

North Ward

*T. J. Gregory (Lab.)…… 31
H. Wray (Ind)….177

South Ward

*B. Roberts (Lab)….685
Lawcock (Ind)….303

East Ward

*J. I. Webster (Ind)….301
J. Wright (Mrs) (Lab)…. 288

West Ward

H. Shepard (Lab)….329
Morgan, J. P. (Ind)….302

Denaby Ward
A. Swaby (Lab)… 311
Levers (Mrs) (Ind Lab)….172
J. Whitlam (Ind)….57