Conisborough UDC – Councillor’s Resignation – Appointed Meat Inspector

July 1925

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 11, 1925

Conisborough Councillor’s Resignation
Mr Norwood Appointed Meat Inspector
Co-operation with the Butchers

The resignation of a councillor and his subsequent appointment as meat inspector were the principal items of business transacted at Wednesday evening’s meeting of the Conisborough Urban District Council, Councillor J Skelton presiding.

The new Meat Regulations recently issued by the Minister of Health were the subject of several recommendations by the Sanitary and Highways Committee, who proposed the appointment of a part-time officer at a salary of £150 a year to carry out the work entailed in administering the Regulations. They also recommended that Councillor W.W Norwood, the only veterinary surgeon practising in the district, should be invited to accept the post.

Councillor J Brocklesby, J.P., said they found it was impossible for the present staff to undertake the duties. In order that the work might be made agreeable to all parties they had met the Butchers Association, who were willing to help the Council.

Councillor W.W Norwood had sent in a letter resigning his position as a Councillor.

Councillor J Maxfield said they ought to decide that Mr Norwood should have the appointment first.

Councillor Brocklesby said they could not appoint a member of the Council to any position which carried a salary. He moved that the outset the resignation, and in doing so he said they would take it with some degree of regret, because Mr Norwood had been a useful member and had to his credit many years of public service.

The resignation was accepted.

The question of the vacancy on the Council then discussed and Councillor Maxfield moved that the matter be deferred to save the cost of a by-election.

Councillor H.Brownsword: Judging by the attendance here tonight, it is time we had an election.

It was resolved that the matter should be left over until the next meeting.

Hospital Sunday.

The Clerk read a letter from the Denaby Hospital Committee invited the Council to attend the demonstration at Denaby on July 19. The matter was left in the hands of individual members.

Cheaper Scavenging.

The total cost of scavenging, Councillor Brocklesby reported, would be £150 less than last year.

Medical Officers Report

The Medical Officers Report, presented to the Sanitary Committee, gave a birth rate of 31.53 and the death rate to be locally 9.41, an infantile mortality rate 82.09.

The minutes of the Sanitary and Highways committee, which included the appointment of meat inspector, and the following recommendations, were confirmed:

That the West Riding County Council be asked to erect crossroad motor signs at Brooke Square;

That the tenders of Mr P McDonald of £780, and that Mr H.W.Buckley, of £538 and £570 be accepted for the scavenging of the three Conisbrough sub districts for one year;

That a contract be entered into with the Yorkshire Electric Power Company for the supply of current for power and lighting to the Denaby sewage disposal works.