Conisborough  United Star 2  Conisborough  Town 1

20 April 1888

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 20, 1888

Conisborough  United Star 2  Conisborough  Town 1

A match was played on Saturday, on the ground of the latter.

The Town Team won the toss and elected to kick with the wind. After having played about 10 minutes, Walters drew the first blood for the Town club.

On resuming, the ball was taken into the vicinity of the Town goal, but the custodian saved in fine style.

Nothing further resulted to half-time.

On changing ends the leather was taken into the Star quarters but it was quickly returned to the other end by Fitzgeorge, who gave a corner, which was well directed by W Kelly and Ward managed to put the ball between the posts, thus making the score equal.

Upon restarting a corner fell to the Star team, from which another point was scored and at the finish the game stood:

United Star   2 goals

Town              1 goal


United Star: G. Lewis (Captain), Kelly, Senior, Ward, Shelton, Tyas, Morton, Jackson, Darley A Ward and Fitzgeorge

Town: W Whitehead (captain), Mills, Keyes, Richardson, Watkinson, Purdy, Whitehead, Walters, Abby, Kelly and R. Purdy.

Umpires, Messr up s A Wright and T Haggard

Referee, Mr T Senior