Conisborough Urban District – Local Elections – The Nomination List

March 1926

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 12, 1926

Local Elections
The Nomination List
Conisborough Urban District

North Ward

Thomas Morgan, colliery assistant under manager, 31, Tickhill’s Square, Denaby Main

William Leonard Worsley, club steward, 37 Annerley Street, Denaby Main

Herbert Henry Wray, Draper, “Strathmore,” Station Road, Conisbrough

South Ward

Philip Bonsall, Miner, 4 Ferry Terrace, Conisbrough

Joseph Drabble, wholesale confectioner, North Cliff House Conisbrough

East Ward

Henry William Gillott, colliery electrician, 24 W. Street, Conisbrough

William Binstead, miner, 79 Doncaster Road, Conisbrough

West Ward

Mrs Annie Elizabeth Kaye, widow, 60 Tickhill Street, Denaby Main

Denaby Ward

Harry Brownsword, miner, 18 Warmsworth Street, Denaby Main

To say that the list of nominations for the seats on our Urban District Council caused some surprise is to put it mildly. Although it was generally understood that each ward will be contested it was found that there was only one nomination in each of the West and Denaby Wards. In these wards are the retiring councillors, Mrs Annie Elizabeth Kaye and Mr Harry Brownsword, both Labour are returned unopposed.

It was generally understood that these Wards would be contested by Mr Hulley and Mr W Still respectively, and no further action was taken to ensure contests.

This state of affairs recalls 1924, when Mr GJ Gregory, Mr A Roberts and Mr GA Chadfield obtained their seats, but the circumstances were slightly different, for then Mr HC Harrison, Mr A Hulley and Mr W Still were nominated as opponents, but for some reason withdrew, and so the three Labour nominees obtain seats without a fight.

As far as I can ascertain Conisbrough is not enamoured of this procedure, for it dearly loves a contest, even if things do not always turn out as desired. I think it is fair to assume that had the position been understood then it would have been found to contest all wards. Apparently there’s been some misunderstanding from which the Labour Party profits. Mr Brownsword was particularly fortunate for I understand that he had an opponent in the preliminary canter for adoption by the local Labour Party. I that Mr Ben Roberts was put forward by two sections of the party to be candidate for the Denaby Ward, but Mr Brownsword’s candidature was ratified.

In the North Ward the retiring member, Mr W.L.Worsley is nominated for research contest in five years. When he took Mr Hoxha seat 1922 he was only four votes in front. In 1925 were five candidates for the two seat and this year Mr H.C.Harrison gave first place but Mr Worsley got a seat for a year. He will soon be a season campaigner. Last year he had 333 votes or 13 votes lesser Mr Harrison was 16th in front of Mr H.only

The old Conisbrough wards have only once at a Labour representative, Mr S.C. Urch (South). He was defeated by Mr Drabble, now the retiring member, in 1923 the voting being 379 against 309. Mr Drabble was supported by the Ratepayers Association of which body you was recently elected president. His opponent, Mr Philip Bonsall, is new to urban elections and is one of the local miners officials, and is nominated by the Labour Party.

The East Ward has no retiring councillor, for when Mr W.W.Norwood was appointed meat Inspector the vacancy was not filled. Mr H.W.Gillott, and Mr Linstead have both been in the field and lost contests without being successful, so they are not new to electioneering. Mr Gillott fights have been in the South Ward on previous occasions, but this time he has gone to the Ward in which he resides. In both his previous contest he was in a three-cornered fight. In 1924 the result was Mr I Webster 330, Mr E Collins 206, Mr H.W.Gillott 142 and in 1925 the result was Mr W.B.Wells 276, Mr E Brooks 205, Mr Gillott 127. In the East Ward where Mr Linstead contested the results were: 1924, Mr J Brocklesby 330, Mr W Linstead 174; 1925 Mr J Maxfield 308, Mr W Linstead 176. Mr Gillott is supported by the Ratepayers Association and Mr Linstead by the Labour Party.

Last year the electorate was 5880 and the number of votes recorded 3468, about 60%. There should not be much difference this year for those residents of “Wembley,” “Chinatown,” or “The League of Nations as the Housing Association’s estate is variously referred to are not yet on the register except in their former wards.

We can expect a concentration of Labour effort in the Conisbrough wards now that they are set at liberty at the Denaby end.