Conisborough Widow Sued

November 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 14 November 1907

Conisborough Widow Sued

At Doncaster County Court, yesterday, John Thomas Asher, butcher, Denaby, for whom Mr. Allen appeared, sued Mrs. Martin, widow, Whitefield House, Conisborough, for the sum of £3 17s. 6d., the price a set of harness, bought for her by her son, John Asher.

The latter gave evidence that he purchased the harness on the instructions of his mother, but said she had never paid him the money for it.

Mrs. Martin, represented by Mr. Baddiley, said she never authorised her son to buy harness, but subsequently she paid him for it.

His Honour Judge Allen, in giving judgment for plaintiff, said Mrs. Alien was entitled to bring an action to recover from her son.