Conisborough’s Famous “Annual.” – A Brilliant Spectacle but Reduced Attendance.

January 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4, 1908

Conisborough’s Famous “Annual.”
A Brilliant Spectacle but Reduced Attendance.

17 Years of steady improvement have made the reputation of the annual Ball of the Conisborough Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club.

To-day it is known as a Function of the highest order, and certainly the most exclusive public function in the local dancing season.

The event of Thursday evening in the Morley Place Council Schools hall was all that the willing hands could make it. As a spectacle it probably surpassed its own its own record, though guests were by no means so numerous as has been the case in former years.

By 10 o’clock there were just over 50 guests engaged in the giddy whirl

The ball room was a, thing of beauty, and much of the credit for this state of things belongs to Mr. W. B. Appleyard, who was responsible for the splendid holland surface and the decoration of the rooms, in which Mr. Norwood’s plants abounded, and which was a galaxy of light and colour.

The dancing was under the control of the M.C.’ up, Mr. W. W. Norwood and Mr. W. Appleyard, who performed their duties with credit. The Ivanhoe String Band, under Mr. G. W. Laughton, provided. excellent musical accompaniment. They contributed in no small measure to the gaiety of the evening, and the “Mikado” Lancers, an innovation, it is understood, were very popular.

The ballroom communicated with the supper room by means of a covered way, erected by Mr. Jas. Hardgrave. The supper was a feature of the event. Many of the surrounding gentry, kindly disposed to the club and the ball, contributed game and other forms, of refreshment, and the club were indebted for this part of the programme to the following: Lord Yarborough, Mr W. W. Warde-Aldam, Mrs. Woodyeare, Dr. Forster, Dr. McLure, Mr. F. Ogley, Mr. W. W. Norwood, Mr. Winter Nicholson, Mr. W. I. Gibos, Mr. F. Ellison, Mr. J. L. Appleyard (Worksop), Messrs. W. and F. Appleyard (Clifton), Mr. J. Appleyard, Mr. A. Appleyard, Mr. E Appleyard, Mr. W. Milner, Mr. J. T. Storey (Hooton Roberts), Mr. S. Whitefield, Mr. F. Martin. Mr. C. Raynor, Mr. W. A. Lugar, Mr. I. Webster, Mr. A. Barron, Mr. J. Sargan, Mr.Downend. Mr. F. Swallow (Mexboro’), Mr. G Schonut (Mexboro’), Mr. W. Clarke, Mr. T. Ridghill, Mr. J. Asher, Mr. A. Walker, Mr. B. J. Clarkson, Mr. Geo. Clarkson, Mr. C. Farrell, Mr. J. Drabble, Messrs. Hodgson and Hepworth (Doncaster).

Sweets were contributed by Mrs. Lugar, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Milner, Mrs. F. Appleyard, Mrs. W. Appleyard, Mrs. A. Walker, Mris. Bedford, Mrs. G. W. Laughton, and Wrs. Booth.

Furniture was lent by Mr. Nesbitt, Mr. Lugar, Mr. W. Appleyard, Mr. S. Wihitefield, Mr. Norwood, Mr. W. H. Appleyard, Mr. H. Vine, and Air G. W. Laughton. Mrs. Nesbitt obliged with the crockery.

To the Refreshment Department, of which Mr. Davies’ (Do.ncaster) staff had control, wines and spirits were contributed by Messrs. Whitworth (Wath), Messrs. John Smiths (Tadcaster), Messrs. S. Johnson and Sons (Wath), Mr. M. Beetham (Doncaster), Mr. J. Stenton (Hill Top), and mineral waters from Messrs. Ward and Sons, Messrs. Darwent (Swinton), Law and. Sons (Doncaster), Slack and Co. (Doncaster).

The fruit was provided by Mr. Dan Hobkinson. (Rotherham), and Mr. A. Lefley (Mexboro’).

On the whole the Conisboro’ Cricket Club had very good reason to be satisfied with their seventeenth annual ball.