Conisborough’s New Cemetery.

September 1892

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 09 September 1892

Conisborough’s New Cemetery.

The new cemetery for Conisborough is just completed. but there will be no interments in it until the question of fees is settled, and also the allied question on consecration, which, in some cases, regulates the fees.

The Burial Board have appointed a deputation to see the Archbishop of York, and ascertain whether he is willing simply to dedicate the cemetery, seeing that a parish meeting voted against consecration.

The board appear to have anticipated the feeling the feeling of the parish by erecting only one chapel, whereas the rule is to build two and divide the ground between the consecrationist and non-consecrations, allotting a chapel to each.

The chapel is a conspicuous feature, having a tower and spire 58 feet high. The style of building is Gothic of a severe type, and the material used in its erection are Conisborough bricks, relieved by stone dressings. The length of the chapel is 48ft. by 16ft. 6in., and the height 20 ft. The vestry is 7ft. square, and 8ft. 6in. high. The bontaint a belfry with Louvre lights. A mortuary stands at the east side of the cemetery, which is 15ft. by 15ft. The caretaker’s house is a pretty little structure, the rooms of which are on an average 12ft. by 12ft., and 10ft- 6in. high. Attached is a room for the Burial Board to meet in.

Mr. G. H. Smith, of Mexborough, held the contracts for the chapel, mortuary, and boundary walls, Mr. H. Saville, Conisborough, the contracts for the caretaker’s house, while Mr. W. B. Yeadon, Conisborough, had the laying out of the grounds. The architect for the whole of the works was Mr. George White, C.E.. Mexborough.

The total cost has been £1,331, apportioned as follows :—Chapel and mortuary. £577; caretaker’s house, £288 1s; boundary wall;, £307 16s. 1d. ; road making, £161 5s.