Conisborough’s Woman Death – Shock from Fall & Fracture

March 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times, March 1921

Conisborough Woman´s Death.

Shock from Fall and Fracture

Mr Frank Allen held an enquiry at Conisborough on Monday, into the death of Jane Shelton (77), wife of David Shelton, of 4 March Street, Conisborough, who died on Friday, following an accident which occurred on March 10.

David Shelton said that his wife was a very frail woman. She rarely went upstairs to sleep; her bed was on the first floor.

His wife often got up and prepared his meals when he was about to start for work. About 4.30 on March 10 he was dressing, when he heard a noise. He went downstairs, and upon opening the door found his wife lying in the yard. He got her inside the house, but later, as she was crossing the yard, a gust of wind blew her over.

She said she had hurt her right thigh. Later, she received medical attention, and was conveyed to the home of her daughter, in Northcliffe Road, where she died on Friday.

Dr James Forster said he had attended Mrs Shelton for a fracture of the right thigh, caused by a fall. He had previously attended her for chronic bronchitis.

Death was due to shock, caused by the fall and the fracture.

A verdict of “accidental death” was returned.