Conisbro’ Centre Plans Progressing

July 1965

South Yorkshire Times 24th July 1965

Conisbro’ Centre Plans Progressing

“There is a positive and growing interest in our town centre development,” Mr. E. T. Mellor, Clerk to Conisbrough Urban Council, told the “South Yorkshire Times” this week.

Mr. Mellor said that some developers had had plans approved for projects in the town centre and other plans were under consideration.

He added: “The development has been a steady process with a slight acceleration in recent months.”

Plans for a supermarket and bank on the site of the former Globe Cinema have already been approved, and another company plans to construct 11 shops.

A London firm of estate agents has told the Council that in order that their client can achieve satisfactory comprehensive shopping re-development they have to acquire Nos. 2, 4, 6 and 8 March Street. They have asked the Council if they can assist by re-housing the tenants of the dwellings.

The company has also said it is interested in acquiring the site of Booth’s garage in Church Street, Conisbrough, and has enquired whether the Council could suggest any suitable alternative sites for Mr. Booth.


The Council on Wednesday decided that the request for re-housing the tenants be referred to the next house letting committee meeting, but they regret they are unable to suggest any suitable site near the town centre for Mr. Booth’s business.

Mr. Mellor said: “The population of Conisbrough is now larger than Mexborough and is gradually increasing. The next two years will see a lot of difference in Conisbrough town centre.”

Things have also begun to move in other directions. The Council has opened a small industrial site of about three-and-a-half acres at Burcroft, and already three sites have been let.

One site will be for a dairy depot, another for a firm manufacturing pre-cast building units and the third for the servicing and dismantling of electric motors.

In addition to this site there is a large area of land in private ownership for industrial development.