Conisbro’ Dog Has Two Homes

June 1956

South Yorkshire Times, June 2nd, 1956

Conisbro’ Dog Has Two Homes.

TOBY, a black and brown mongrel terrier of Mrs. L. Harper, of 73, lime Grove, Conisbrough, is a faithful old dog, with a difference – he is faithful to TWO masters.

During the day Toby has old age pensioner Mr. Harry Milnes of 45, Lime Grove, as his master, but at 9 p.m. every night the dog returns to his owner, Mrs. Harper. He sleeps at Mrs. Harper’s home, then at 7 a.m. morning he returns to Mr. Milnes.

‘He is a most faithful dog to me, during the evening and night, but never stays with me during the daytime. And he is just as faithful to Mr. Milnes during the day,’ said Mrs. Harper.

Mr. Milnes, and 87 years old widower who also lives alone, takes 13 years old Toby for a short walk every day. ‘He is very faithful,’ he said.

If the two people meet during the day time, the dog acknowledges them both but stays with Mr. Milnes. And if they meet after 9 p.m. the dog stays with Mrs. Harper.

‘It’s a most queer set up,’ she agreed, ‘and Toby’s programme never varies.’

The dog is fed by Mr. Milnes during the day and by Mrs. Harper in the evening.