Conisbro’ Girl Gets Ready for Autumn Tour with Ballet In The U.S.A. (picture)

August 1951

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 11th, 1951

With Ballet In The U.S.A.

Conisbro’ Girl Gets Ready for Autumn Tour

Ballet dancer Veronica Vail of Elm Green Lane, Conisbrough, will sail from Liverpool on September 25th with the Sadler Wells Theatre Ballet Company for a six-month tour of America and Canada. She will cross the Atlantic on board the “Empress of France”, when Princess Elizbeth and the Duke of Edinburgh will be among the passengers.

30 pairs of nylons

Veronica, who has been with the Theatre Ballet for over two years, will be making her first tour of the United States. The company of over 40 will dance in 62 different places including New York, Miami and Los Angeles,

Besides being an ambassador of English ballet Veronica will be acting almost as a mannequin in addition.  An extensive wardrobe is being provided for the company by several British firms, for show in America. One of the chief items is 30 pairs of nylons each.

Veronica started dancing when she was nine. Two weeks before her 18th birthday, she joined the Anglo Polish Ballet and six months later, joined the Sadler’s Wells Company.

After two and a half years she joined the Theatre Ballet. At 24 Veronica is the oldest dancer in the company the average is 20 or 21. “I went to that company” she says “because I was more experienced than the others.” She is only 5 ft 1 inches tall which means that they have to put me in the front lines.

“I love ballet…live for it” she went on “and I suppose I shall retire when I get too old or get married – whichever comes first.  For a ballet dancer, 24 is getting on a bit. Most of them retire at 30.”