Conisbro’ Isolation Hospital.

May 1909

Sheffield Independent – Friday 21 May 1909

Conisbro’ Isolation Hospital.

Henry Baker presided over the monthly meeting of the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board, held yesterday.

An interesting discussion on the hospital water supply arose on a report from the engineer, which showed that the weekly consumption of water was 14,000 gallons

Mr Lee pointed out that this meant a daily average of 80 gallons per patient, Or four times the allowance usually accorded outside the hospital

Ald. Watson said that, including the stall, the average was cut down to 71 gallons.

The medical officer, in answer a question from the Chair, made the interesting observation that plentiful supply of water had tendency to get patients out of the hospital quickly.

The precepts for maintenance were apportioned as follows —

Doncaster R.D.C., £504. 0s 3d

Mexborough U.D.C.  £252. 3s. 6d ,

Common fund—Doncaster – £1471.11s 4d ; Mexbro-, £588. 12e. 6d.