Conisbro’ Men In Trouble – Wanted Cheap Drinks.

July 1908

Sheffield Independent – Monday 20 July 1908

Conisbro’ Men In Trouble.
Wanted Cheap Drinks.

Before Mr. J. C. Coulmnn and Mr. C Kilner of the West Hiding Police Court, day.

Thomas Jones and Dan Jones, father and son. Conisbro’ were charged with assaulting  George Henry Elliott, landlord of the Star Hotel, on the 11th inst.

Mr. G. W. Andrews, who appeared to prosecute behalf of the Doncaster and District Victuallers’ Association, said the defendants, on the date in question, went into the Star Hotel, and the son ordered two pints of beer. When served, said they had no money but he would go and fetch some.

He went out, and returning drank up the beer, but then refused to pay. He became abusive and struck the landlord in the mouth, while the elder defendant knocked him down.

He (Mr. Andrews) asked the Bench deal severely with the defendants, as these disturbances often through reflections upon landlords.

The defendants were each fined 40s including the costs