Conisbro’ Notes – “Tossing” – Women Insulted – Dangerous ‘Lark’ – Impudent Youths

May 1888

South Yorkshire Times May 11, 1888

Notes from Conisbro’


On Saturday a number of men congregated on the Low Road and commenced “tossing.” The majority of them soon went away, three still stuck to it, and were watched by a policeman, who afterwards pounced upon them. To stop breaking the law in a place where they could be observed on all sides, is a very impudent trick, and so will be answered for in the proper place.

Women Insulted

On Sunday afternoon, a man from Mexborough behaved himself in a most disgraceful manner in the village, and grossly insulted two women. A policeman was called, and after severe tussle, it was the culprit assaulted the officer of the law, he was lodged in the police station. When there he wanted to beg pardon.

Dangerous ‘Lark’ with Wagons

The same afternoon, a party of youths were larking about the lime quarry near to the station, and their joking culminated in unhitching and starting down the incline one of the limestone wagons. We all know how steep the line is.

The wagon dashed through the gate that is near the bottom of the incline and was smashed almost to atoms. This is one of the most wanton pieces of mischief that could be imagined.

The hills are a favourite resort for children in search of flowers. Suppose that two or three little ones had been straying across the line at that time. The result is too awful to think of.

The youths hail from Denaby, and the police have succeeded in getting their names. I also hear that the Denaby police had a run on Sunday after some men on the hills just above the village.

Impudent Youths

Yet another Sunday incident. A woman was proceeding down Station Lane, Conisbrough, when she was met by a party of young men who barred her way and also refused to let her pass.

After repeated hails to get away, she lifted her hand and struck the ringleader a smart blow in the face.

At the same time a man was passing, to whom the lady appealed for assistance. It was released, and she thankfully went her way.

I only wish one of our stalwart policeman had been about