Conisbro Pupils  Making Metal Castings

December 1958

South Yorkshire Times December 13, 1958

Conisbro Pupils  Making Metal Castings

Metalwork classes for the boys at Northcliffe County Secondary School, Conisbrough, have a special attraction now that they are being taught the principles of light casting by their master Mr Eric Copley.

Mr. Copley who recently joined the staff of the school , was formerly a pattern-maker at a Sheffield Steelworks. His plan to interest the youngsters in casting is proving popular as already several of the boys – aged between 11 and 14 – quite proficient, and able to carry out all stages of the work from making moulds to machining up the casting on the workshop lathe.

As yet, only simple article have been made in aluminium, but Mr. Copley is hoping that as the boys skill increases so their products will improve in design and complexity

Main difficulty at present is melting metals. There is only a small furnace in which high temperatures cannot be built up, but Mr Copley is open that castings will be possible in brass and other nonferrous metal.