Conisbro’ School Board Election – Liberal Victory.

July 1899

Sheffield Independent – Friday 05 July 1889

Conisbro’ School Board Election.
Liberal Victory.

Yesterday was the day for the election of five members to serve on the Conisbro’ School Board.

There were eleven candidates for the seats, including the whole of the retiring members. It being twelve years since there was a contest in the village, there was the greatest possible interest centred in the event, especially as the election partook somewhat of a political character.

The Liberal Association supported Messrs. Dufton and Marsh, the working-class candidates. Mr. Kilner, glass bottle manufacturer, who is president of the Liberal Association, and was formerly on the board, thought it best to stand as an Independent candidate. The Vicar, the Rev. J. G. Wood, was one of the new candidates. The others were the members of the old board — Dr. Hills (the chairman), and Messrs. G. Walker, J.P., E. Johnson, and G. T. Nicholson. The local Tory organisation had passed a resolution to the effect that it would not take party action in the matter ; but this was quite understood, it being well known that the Liberal element largely predominates in the parish.

The voting commenced at noon, ana concluded at eight o’clock. The number of voters on the register was 658. Mr. F. E. Nicholson, solicitor, Doncaster, was the returning officer. The election proceeded quietly until about an hour before the close of the poll when there was a great rush of voters from the glass works and collieries. They were evidently in fear that they would not all be in time to record their votes. It happened, however, that there were just three minutes to spare between the record of the last vote and the close of the poll.

An eager crowd gathered in front of the board school while the votes were being counted.

At a quarter to ten the result was declared amid great excitement.

The figures were as follows :— Kilner, 751 ; Walker, 621 ; Marsh, 437 ; Dufton, 290 ; Hills, 241 (elected) .

Whitfield, 148 ; Nicholson, 68 ; Wood, 41 ; Johnson, 35 ; Pagden, 8.

The two Liberals are consequently returned.