Conisbro’ St. Peter’s 3  Montrose Works 2

27 November 1899

Sheffield Independent – Monday 27 November 1899

Conisbro’ St. Peter’s 3  Montrose Works 2

Played at Conisbro’

Montrose kicked off, and at the first onset gave the home team a lot of trouble. Hudson cleared in fine style, and then the home forwards raced away to the other end. Bennett, with a fast shot scored in the first five minutes.

Before half-time Martin scored for Conisbro’. The visitors also scored.

The second half was very hotly contested, both sides showing up well. Conisbro had hard lines in not scoring, the ball hitting the goal posts twice and rebounding into play. Moody headed a goal in for Conisbro’.

Result: — Conisbro’ 3 goals. Montrose 2 goals