Conisbro’s Two Australians

September 1950

South Yorkshire Times September 16, 1950

Conisbro’s Two Australians

Mr Robert Walton, who was last in England on six months’ holiday from Sydney, Australia, a year ago, has come back for another holiday, and this time has brought his wife. Last week-end they paid a visit to their two Conisbrough relations; niece Mrs. M. Kingston of Ivanhoe Road, and nephew Mr. J. M. Clarke, Garden Lane.

Mr Walton, Gateshead-born, is quite familiar with England, but for Mrs Walton it is her first visit. “I’m simply enjoying every bit of it,” she said. “So much so that I’d come back to live if I could, It’s been worth the trip.”

Mrs Walton has been impressed by the greenness of the country—for where she lives it is quite dry, and the grass is mainly yellow and grey. The size of the fields she describes as “pocket handkerchief” but very valuable. They are small compared to the Australian estates, where from front door to front gate may be 250 miles,

For Mrs. Walton, who has been an armchair traveller for many years, this holiday is the realisation of all the many books she has read. She will take back to Australia with her some English soil and seeds, as, she says, she is a great admirer of England. “We feel in Australia we cannot do too much for England to repay what she did for us during the war.”

Mrs. Walton has been sending food parcels over since 1940 without a break.

One last thing that had struck her and her country folk was the loyalty of the British to the Royal family, and the great friendliness and generosity of the people.