Conisbrough and Denaby Chamber of Trade Dinner (pictures)

March 1957

. South Yorkshire Times March 23, 1957

Conisbrough and Denaby Chamber of Trade

The annual dinner and dance of Conisbrough and Denaby chamber of trade was held in the Lord Conyers Hotel, Cannon Bay, last Thursday.

About 106 guests attended and they were received by the President of the Chamber, Mr JB Farmerly and Mrs Farmerly.

Proposing the toast of the Chamber, Mr L.J.Tarbitt, chairman of the North East Area Council, emphasised the good work done by the Chamber of Trade in helping members with their troubles, an example being the recent Rating and Valuation Assessment in which the National Chamber managed to get a reduction of 20%.

The toast of “Our guests,” who included Ald Ben Roberts, J.P., chairman of the Urban Council, Presidents and their wives from Rotherham and Mexborough Chamber, was proposed by Mr Norman Lax past president.