Conisbrough Application to Sell Bottled Beer Granted

August 1896

Mexborough and Swinton Times August 14, 1896

A Conisbrough Application Granted.

Mr. Tovey, solicitor, on behalf of Mr Geo. Thos. Nicholson, of Holywell Brewery, Conisborough, applied for a beer-dealers additional retail licence. He said permission was desired to sell bottled beer are not less than one dozen pints and not less then two dozen half pints.

Mr Baddiley opposed on behalf of local innkeepers, and questioned the brewer thus:

“How many public houses have you in Conisborough? – About six. – Is it fair to ask the bench for a retail licence? – That I don’t want. – But it comes to the same thing.

Is it fair to the tenants of yours? – We supply the public houses practically. We have written orders for cases of beer, and that is the object I have in applying.

The chairman: The result would be that the applicant could sell beer in any form of the premises.

Mr Beverley: Yes, to half a pint.

In reply to Superintendent Blake, the applicant said there was not the slightest intention of hawking on a dray. The landlord of the Alma Inn, Mr A. Moody, was called as to the good character of the appoicant.

Mr Baddily said it would be rather hard on the tenants if the application was granted.

The Chairman said the Bench would grant the application for one year, on condition that the applicant carried out the regulation referred to by his solicitor.