Conisbrough Boy Changes School

March 1957

South Yorkshire Times March 2, 1957

Conisbrough Boy Changes School

Rodney Lawton (11), of Park Rd, Conisbrough, was this week taken from Conisbrough Northcliffe modern school, where he and five other boys were caned for not having taken their pens to school, and yesterday he enrolled at Edlington Hill Top Modern School.

His father Mr Albert Lawton, who protested about the caning and gave Mexborough Divisional Education Executive a month in which to find his son another school, was told this week that he could send’s son either to the Edlington school, or to Mexborough Adwick Road modern school.

Mr Lawton chose the Edlington School but he has to accept the responsibility of the boys travel expenses which will amount to 3 shillings a week.