Conisbrough Burial Board – A suggestion

December 1890

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Friday 12 December 1890

Conisbrough Burial Board – A suggestion

At a vestry meeting at Conisbrough last night, the Vicar in the chair, Mr F E Nicholson, solicitor, Doncaster, was re-elected clerk to the Conisbrough Burial Board at a salary of £25 per annum. An amendment that the salary should be £50 was withdrawn on the understanding that £25 including all the necessary conveyancing, excepting money out of pocket.

The Vicar incidentally mentioned that he had heard it hinted that the board meeting should be open to the press.

Mr Jones moved that reporter should be allowed to attend.

Mr Kilner said if that was done he would resign at once.

The Vicar said he could quite understand that feeling, because it looked as though there was a want of confidence in the members.

The matter dropped.